Register as a CPD Provider
Providing CPD for REPS India members

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) builds on the fundamentals of a member’s existing REPS India accredited qualification which has enabled them to join the register.

PD:Approval is an independent quality assurance company which works internationally with training providers for the benefit of REPs members across the globe to ensure they have access to safe and effective CPD.

Endorsed CPD by PD: Approval is a great way for health and fitness professionals to develop their career. All endorsed training has been robustly quality assured to ensure a great learner experience. By undertaking endorsed CPD, it also demonstrates to others that these professionals are continuing to learn and develop throughout their career, keeping their skills and knowledge up to date and ensuring they are able to work safely and effectively.

Why endorse your CPD

REPS India members must achieve 10 CPD points every year. Help them to achieve this by endorsing your training which will be awarded CPD points according to the endorsement product you choose and the hours of learning.

You can endorse assessed training with at least 8 learning hours, non-assessed training with at least 4 learning hours, informal training (podcasts, short workshops, webinars, reading materials), and events. You have the choice of endorsing once programme at a time or investing in a licence to endorsement multiple programmes. We have a product that will suit you, so visit our website to find out more.

Benefits to REPS India members

By choosing training that has been endorsed by PD:Approval, learners have the peace of mind that it has been independently checked to ensure it is fit for purpose. You will provide successful learners with a certificate of achievement bearing the REPS India and PD:Approval logos, and PD:Approval will support both you and the learner in the unlikely event that they are unhappy with the training they receive and will do their best to help you resolve any issues. Learners will be required to log their CPD points by providing your certificate of achievement to REPS India in order to renew their membership each year.

Benefits to training providers

CPD endorsement is open to all training providers who can show that they have all the components in place to meet REPS India requirements. PD:Approval will support you throughout the submission process, and offers resources, training and technical support to help you to a successful endorsement.

Once approved, you will receive a REPS India CPD training provider logo, CPD point logo and the PD:Approval logo to display on your marketing, website and social media, as well as a Certificate of Authentication which you can print out and display. Your endorsed training will be listed on the REPS India website at a nominal annual fee and you will also be able to promote it via PD:Approval’s online hub, the PD:Portal, which is only available to providers who have successfully completed the endorsement process.

Get endorsed!

Visit PD:Approval’s website to see which product suits your offer. Download the CPD submission guide for all the information you need to know about the products and process, and feel free to contact the Professional Development team at PD:Approval for any assistance.