Quality education and training for the Indian fitness industry

REPS India works with a network of quality Training Providers whose courses have been approved against international standards. Here you can find all of the courses which give entry to REPS India, add an extra category to your profile and/or award you CPD points.

Providers of Entry Qualifications

Recognised Qualifications to REPS India Register
The content of these qualifications have been reviewed by PD Approval and meet the requirements to REPS India register.
Completing one (or more for multiple registration levels) of these qualifications means an individual is eligible to register with REPS India.
Each qualification listing also includes information on the highest relevant REPS India registration level achieved on the completion of the qualification.

Which qualification should I choose?
REPS India doesn’t recommend any qualification provider in our list over another. We do however suggest that before you make your decision, to do your own due diligence! Ask questions and ask around. Some suggestions are:
  • Contacting the qualification provider directly to find out more about their qualification. This could include information on how they deliver their qualifications, how they support their students, or how they undertake their assessments and exams
  • Talking to other students and graduates of the qualification. Ask the qualification provider for student references. Check out the qualification providers Facebook page, Twitter etc
  • Do an online/Google search to find out more about the qualification provider

K11 School of Fitness Sciences +

Fitness Matters +
Multifit Exercise Science Academy (MESA) +

Multifit Exercise Science Academy (MESA) +
Fitness Matters +