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"REPS INDIA" name and logo are the marks and exclusive properties of REPS India (Register for Exercise Professionals India Foundation). Any unauthorised use without the PERMISSION from REPS India of the same shall attract strict legal action under the provisions of law which can further lead to a COMPLETE BAN of using the REPS India logo in future.
About REPS India
REPS India is a public register which recognises the qualification and expertise of exercise instructors. REPS mission is to work with the entire fitness industry to ensure that all exercise professionals are suitably knowledgeable and qualified to deliver safe and effective instruction, and to promote health and well-being in Indian society.
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Membership of REPS can provide more than just a badge to enhance an instructor's professional image. It differentiates a qualified and committed instructor from someone with little or no training. Being a member of REPS means that Fitness Professionals will hold recognised and approved qualifications and be committed to ongoing professional development.
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Fitness Matters Academy gets Internationally Recognised by REPS India with an accreditation awarded by ICREPS recognised International Accrediting Body, PD:Approval*

K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences becomes the First Internationally Recognised Academy by REPS India with an "Outstanding" grade awarded by ICREPS recognised International Accrediting Body, PD:Approval*

Training providers in India currently undergoing REPS recognised accreditation process with PD:Approval - MESA (Multifit Exercise Science Academy) and GFFI Fitness Academy.